My Journey of Grief, Hope, and Faith

Jason E. Bouchard

Growing up in the whaling city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, author Jason E. Bouchard enjoyed a special relationship with his parents. He was a momma’s boy, and his dad is his best friend. Bouchard cherished the relationship with his mother, sharing a love for midnight ice cream snacking. She was his biggest supporter in life, and he constantly strived to make her proud.

In February of 2021, Bouchard learned his mother had cancer that spread quickly, and within three weeks she passed away. In My Journey of Grief, Hope, and Faith, he shares his story of learning to live through his grief, offering examples of practices that helped him to adapt and grow. Through the process, Bouchard came to understand his mother lived her purpose and left a lasting legacy for her family and many others.

My Journey of Grief, Hope, and Faith was inspired by his mother’s story and legacy that turned into Bouchard’s story. He seeks to provide hope and support for others struggling with their own grief.